Abattoir Audits


Whom and which animal species does the Control Service SAP perform audits for?

Mandate Coop: Pigs, calves, broilers, rabbits, cattle

Mandate IP-SUISSE: Pigs, cattle, calves, sheep, broilers

Mandate Migros Genossenschaftsbund: Cattle

Mandate Bio Suisse: Cattle

Mandate KAGfreiland: Cattle

Mandate Lidl Terra Natura: Pigs

Mandate Demeter: Cattle, pigs, calves, sheep


What are the requirements of the Control Service SAP for abattoir audits?

In contrast to inspections of animal husbandries and animal transports, the Control Service SAP has no means to sanction abattoirs. Accordingly, we put our aim to showing  the strengths and weaknesses of each individual abattoir and to closely accompanying each one in implying improvements on animal welfare, not only in their general concepts but also in small, but important, details.


Who finances the auditing of abattoirs?

While the compensation of the costs of the audits is carried out directly by the above mentioned mandating partners or the abattoirs respectively, the debriefings - important from the point of view of animal welfare - are being paid for by the Control Service SAP itself.

What has been accomplished by the auditing of abattoirs?

Practically all abattoirs have implied considerable improvements following our audits and indications, some of them connected with substantial financial investments. In this way, major steps for animal welfare have been taken.
At this time there are co-operations with 15 medium and big sized abattoirs in Switzerland as well as direct contacts to additional abattoirs inland and abroad.