Inspections for Animal Welfare's Sake

Inspections are the main occupation of the Control Service SAP. We are active in the following areas:

Our objective is to conduct our inspections in a uniform standard all over Switzerland and we highly emphasize top-quality work. In 1996, the Control Service SAP was one of the first agricultural inspection bodies to be rated Inspection Body Type A by the Swiss Accreditation Service ( In the following articles the fields of work accredited after ISO/IEC 17020 are highlighted.

Mistakes can occur anywhere. As a matter of fact also in the valuations of the Control Service SAP. Most mistakes are detected by the integrated quality management procedures of the Control Service SAP. However, if a mistake goes undetected, or if there are major disagreements  between the inspector and the inspected person about the assessment result, the regular objection procedure of the Control Service SAP can be claimed. More info.