Per year, more than 120.000 tons of meat, mainly from mass production, arrive in our country from abroad. Meanwhile, the level of animal protection (husbandry, treatments, transportation, slaughter) abroad is usually much worse than here. There is dire need of improvement. That's why the Centre of Competence demands the improvement of conditions for these animals, because animal protection doesn't stop at the border.

In Co-operation with

In close partnership with various clients inland and abroad we perform assessments of animal husbandries, animal transports, and abattoirs. The projects involved are in development ,with a potential in animal welfare.


The Livestock Centre of Competence surveys the husbandry, the transport and the slaughter of animals regarding deficiencies in animal welfare and compliance with swiss animal protection standards and standards exceeding or specifying these.

The status quo and the deficiencies are reported. We show ways of removing these shortcomigs and how the husbandry, the transport and the slaughtering of livestock can be improved from the point of view of the SAP.

If required, we perform consultings and trainings. In contrast to the unannounced label controls, these co-operations may not be advertized at the point of sale.

Assessments are not Controls

Assessments must be clearly differenciated from the controls executed exclusively in Switzerland. They are usually carried out on announcement and serve the showing of the status quo. The development and improvement of good approaches are stimulated but there are no sanctions nor specified repeatability.